Gift Certificate Added To Store Posted on 14 Dec 22:01 , 0 comments

We have added our $25.00 Gift Certificate to The Store Web Page.

New Scents Added To The Store Posted on 12 Dec 15:26 , 0 comments

I finally got time back at the shop to ad more scents to our store page sorry we haven't had a chance to make any new post just been busy for Holidays. If do not see a scent make sure to click on our entire list of scents and send us a message for the one we havent listed yet we will be glad to send you an invoice thru PayPal or Square. We are also introducing a new scent to our list it is (Pumpkin Caramel Crunch) A mouthwatering scents for autumn, our Pumpkin Caramel Crunch fragrance oil begins with scrumptious caramel and blends in accords of sweet vanilla and pumpkin. A nutty aroma lingers on the dry down. Best suited for mid-market candle lines for fall, this gourmand scent will fill any space with the delicious aromas of the season.

Decorated Out Front Of The Shop Posted on 13 Nov 21:01 , 3 comments

We took some time Sunday and got the front of the shop decorated and Mindy went out on Monday Picking For The shop pictures will be on our Facebook soon!


More Scents Added Posted on 1 Nov 10:30 , 0 comments

We have been able to add about six more scents  to our store don’t forget the entire list is available online for you to look at for our product line of candles and Melts we thank you for visiting and have a great day!

Beautiful Day Today Posted on 22 Oct 19:26 , 1 comment

We took out window air conditioners, went and cleaned the storage building, stopped by the shop and spent the day together. Now getting ready for the work week. We hope everyone had a great weekend.

We Have Been Busy Working On Other Items Posted on 12 Oct 17:19 , 0 comments

We are now working on items for our Christmas Open House and are behind on getting all of our scents loaded on here if you go to the entire scent list and see you want just click on the message button and we will get back to you as soon as we can. Thank You For Your Patience

We Added More Scents Today Posted on 8 Oct 21:39 , 0 comments

We were able to ad three more scents to the list today and have 55 more scents to load and that will have us caught up with our current list of scents we also loaded a page with an entire scent list for you to preview.

Welcome To Our On Line Store Posted on 24 Jun 14:52 , 0 comments

We are proud to announce our online store providing you with our soy products that we take great pride and care in handcrafting each and everyone for your use. Please follow us here and on Facebook as we grow our brand.