Collectible JCPenney Pin Posted on 2 Sep 01:41 , 6 comments

Just added a collectible JCPENNEY pin to EBay store

New Flower Frog Posted on 22 Aug 19:30 , 8 comments

These are called flower frogs .. there are many different types.. fun to collect ❤️🐞

Flash Back To January 2014 Posted on 18 Aug 21:24 , 8 comments

New Scent Added Posted on 17 Aug 22:13 , 27 comments

We have added a new scent to our Soy Candle Line Strudel & Spice we have brought it into the shop twice and have sold out that same day we thank everyone for they’re commitments on this new scent.

We Are On Trip Advisor Posted on 17 Aug 14:36 , 8 comments

Open House Tomorrow 3-16-19 Posted on 15 Mar 23:22 , 3 comments

Speny all at the shop prepping for the open house tomorrow 10 to 5 everyone please stop by the shop tomorrow if you can 109 N Wilson Ave. Dunn NC

Bonanza Site Posted on 10 Mar 10:46 , 0 comments

We have now also started to load our items in our Bonanza Store for anyone who shops at that site just look up LadyBugsInTheAttic Thank You

Etsy Shop News Posted on 10 Mar 10:43 , 0 comments

We are in the process of adding items to our Etsy store so if you get a chance go look us up the shop is LadyBugsInTheAttic everyone go out and have a Great Day!

Working On The Website Today Posted on 7 Mar 12:14 , 0 comments

We are working on the website getting our customers loaded into the site! Getting ready to pour spring scents and get the candles into the shop and we will be working on adding more scents to our online offering so if your not local you can shop in our online store.

1st Day Of Vacation Posted on 14 Feb 10:08 , 3 comments

Well Today is the first day of a week long vacation and the list of items to do is a mile long and the clock is ticking so we’ll see what all I can get into. I am sorry it has been awhile since I posted on here will try to get better at that this year. We are still working on getting all our candle scents listed in our Shopify store, and add vintage, & Antique items as we find them. Also don’t forget to check out our eBay and Etsy Store:)